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home page>European Tours>Impressions of Europe: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland 6-nation 10 days tour [Departures from anywhere from the UK].

Impressions of Europe: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland 6-nation 10 days tour [Departures from anywhere from the UK].(trip code:OTEU-N10D

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France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Switzerland

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London: 07:30AM Russell Square Underground exit ( London Russell Square Station, Bernard St, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1LJ)

(*Please note: exact pick-up and drop-off times are subject to the final departure confirmation letter, which is sent to your email address approximately 3-5 days before departure.

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Departure                                                     Departure time             Arrival             Arrival time
Luton (Interchange for Town centre)             5:15 LONDON VICTORIA        6:20
MANCHESTER Coach Station, Chorlton St           0:15 LONDON VICTORIA        6:00
SHEFFIELD Coach Station, Pond Street             1:35 LONDON VICTORIA        6:20
NOTTINGHAM Station Street                             3:00 LONDON VICTORIA        6:20
LEICESTER St Margarets Bus Station             2:10 LONDON VICTORIA       6:20
NORTHAMPTON (Town Centre)             3:25 LONDON VICTORIA        6:20
BIRMINGHAM Coach Station, Digbeth             3:00 LONDON VICTORIA        6:20
COVENTRY Pool Meadow Bus Station             3:40 LONDON VICTORIA        6:20
OXFORD Bus Station, Gloucester Green             4:35 LONDON VICTORIA        6:20
YORK                                                             0:45 LONDON VICTORIA        6:20
CARDIFF Coach Station, Sophia Gardens             2:30 LONDON VICTORIA        6:20
BATH (Bus Station)                                             3:25 LONDON VICTORIA        6:20
READING (National Express Coach Stops)           3:40 LONDON VICTORIA        6:20
CAMBRIDGE Parkside (City Centre)             2:05 LONDON VICTORIA        6:20
LEEDS Coach Station                             0:20 LONDON VICTORIA        6:20

Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham and Leicester will be picked up by car, but if we are unable to pick you up due to vehicle deployment issues, we will purchase bus tickets for you in advance.

Return time to York is 23:30-04:55.

An additional fee ranging from £20-£40 will be added for pick-up cities other than London.

Note: Coaches are not rail transport such as trains or subways and are greatly affected by traffic conditions and weather.

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trip protocol

London → Paris

All day
Meet at the exit of Russell Square tube station in London at 07:30 and depart for Dover Harbour at 07:45. The coach will follow the ferry and your large luggage can be left on board for safety and security and will not be a burden to you on board. You are free to look out on the deck or enjoy your lunch in the restaurant at your own expense, try the romance of a cruise ship. Then a part-time drive through the French countryside to Paris. After dinner, check in to the hotel and enjoy your first beautiful and dreamy night after arriving in the European continent.

  • Breakfast:self-catered
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Buses
  • Hotel: Contains


All day
After breakfast, depart for the famous Palace of Versailles in France. You will then proceed to Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

Palace of Versailles
The Palace of Versailles is one of the most magnificent, glorious and beautiful royal gardens in Europe, a symbol of the 17th-century dictatorship; it is one of the finest examples of French classicism. Today it is on the United Nations World Heritage List. Inside the Palace of Versailles, the King"s Interior, the King"s private flats, designed by Gabriel for Louis XV, include the bedroom where Louis XV died, the playroom, the study with its original desk, the conservatory and a beautiful library. The most sumptuous and magnificent of the palace"s rooms is the Hall of Mirrors, with its large west-facing windows opening onto the garden and a large mirror on the east wall, hence the name. The park at Versailles, designed by Le Nôtre, is a masterpiece of architectural decoration, a harmonious combination of different levels of architecture, including an elaborately decorated pond with fountains, flower-bed pavilions and more than 200 sculptures; the Apollo Fountain is of particular interest.

Grand Place Brussels
The Grand Place, the centre of the ancient city of Brussels, was described by the great literary figure Hugo as ,the most beautiful square in the world,. The square is rectangular in shape, 110 metres long and 68 metres wide, with a floor entirely paved with granite. Since 1971, every two years, on the weekend around 15 August, the Place de Bruxelles has been the scene of a great celebration: the laying of a carpet of flowers.

City Hall, Brussels
Of all the buildings on the Grand Place, the most striking is the City Hall, a Goethean building that is a city landmark in Brussels. The building was built in two phases, the larger left half in 1402 and the right half in 1455, when the tower and 96-metre-high spire were built under the auspices of PhilipeleBon. At the top of the tower is a 5-metre-high weathervane, a statue of St Michel, the patron saint of Brussels. Legend has it that the lord of Brussels was saved from death by Saint-Michel, for whom he bestowed the title of patron saint of Brussels. The corridors of the town hall are covered with frescoes. Among the many portraits are those of Belgian monarchs, the kings of Spain, the Netherlands and France, who once ruled over Brussels, and Napoleon.

Peeing children
The Pee-Wee Boy is one of the world"s most famous and adorable children and is a must-see for visitors to Brussels. His 60cm-high statue in bronze was erected in 1619 on the corner of Rudel"Etuve and RuedeChene, in the heart of Brussels.

Atomic Tower Brussels
The Atomic Ball, located in the Imindo Municipal Park in the north-western suburbs of Brussels and known as the ,Eiffel, of Brussels, was designed in 1958 by the famous Belgian engineer Wartkain for the Brussels World"s Fair. After the closing of the Expo, the exhibits were dismantled, only the atomic ball intact, it has become a symbol of modern Brussels.

  • Breakfast:included
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Buses
  • Hotel: Contains

Brussels - Rotterdam - The Hague - Zaanse Schans - Amsterdam

All day

After breakfast, depart for Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, stopping briefly in Rotterdam and The Hague. In the afternoon, visit the Dutch Windmill Village and Amsterdam"s city attractions: Dam Square, the Royal Palace, the Heroes" Monument and a glass tour of the canals on a sightseeing boat with 17th century scenery on both sides.

From 7 February 2020, the visit to Rotterdam will be cancelled and the attractions will be the Naval History Museum and the Cubic House.

Naval History Museum
The maritime museum in Rotterdam"s old harbour district has a distinctive, large ship-like exterior. With models of ships, nautical maps and instruments from the 15th century to the present day, and even an abandoned Rhine boat, a visit to this museum is a refresher course in Rotterdam"s maritime history.

Cube House (exterior)
The unique shape of the Cube House, like a giant Rubik"s cube, tilted towards each other, is undoubtedly a classic Rotterdam landmark. The historical background The Cube House was built in 1984 and designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom. The entire building is made up of 40 cubic houses connected by a 45° inclination and is the first cubic house in the Netherlands. The design concept Blom considered his design to be like an abstract tree, where all the houses come together to form a forest. The result is a strong visual effect.

Capitol and Knight House
The Old Parliament Building in The Hague is a classical 17th-century building with a fine spout and neatly matched window designs, from which you can feel the stalwart spirit of stately simplicity. The heart of the Capitol is the Ridderzaal (Knights" Hall) in the inner courtyard of the Capitol, which was originally the banqueting hall of Duke Flores V of the Netherlands in the 13th century and is now used for important state dinners and ceremonies.

Dutch Windmill Village
The Dutch Windmill Village (Zaanse Schans) is an attraction about 15 minutes" drive north-west of Amsterdam. Here you can visit the Zaanse timber buildings, with their green 17th-century wooden houses, the windmills where the wind is used to extract oil and make paint, and the inside of the windmills, as well as the nearby cheese factory and wooden shoe factory and antique shops. An attraction located north-west of Amsterdam, about 15 minutes away. Here you can visit the timber buildings of the river Ezan, the green 17th century wooden houses, the windmills where the wind is used to extract oil and make paint and the inside of the windmills can also be visited, as well as the cheese factory and wooden shoe factory, antique shops, etc. nearby.

Dam Square
Located in the centre of Amsterdam, Dam Square, also known as the "navel", is a landmark building in Amsterdam. The cafés, restaurants and bars on Dam Square are a little more expensive due to their location, but business is so good that there is almost always a waiting list. Street performers are also an interesting feature of Dam Square. You can watch jugglers with whips, clowns who occasionally "surprise" passers-by, student orchestras performing in the open air, and grandparents performing traditional Dutch duets on ....... You can also see the chubby pigeons in the square that come around from time to time and beg for food. Ask for a drink, sit on the stone steps at the edge of the square, smell the coffee in the air, watch the street performers" novelty shows and enjoy the company of the locals.

National monuments
The National Monument is situated on Dam Square and was built in memory of the brave soldiers who died in the Second World War, facing the Amsterdam Palace and next to the bustling commercial centre. Surrounding the base of the obelisk are numerous figures in various poses, with a female sculpture in the middle of the front and a locked up male sculpture below representing the hardships of war and depicting grief and pain. To the right and left of the front are lions defending the minaret like the sphinxes in front of the pyramids.

The Royal Palace in Amsterdam
Formerly the town hall and the courthouse, the palace was once the political and economic centre of the city and of the Republic as a whole. Its location, the Dam, was also once the city"s most important square and a favourite subject for painters, and it is still vibrant today.

Amsterdam Canal Glass Boat Cruise (own expense)
The Amsterdam Canal Belt, completed in the 17th century, is unique in the world as a work of urban construction and architectural design and is a tangible expression of the political, economic and cultural dynamism of Amsterdam during the Dutch "Golden Age". A glass-bottom boat ride through the city"s extensive network of canals and across the bridges that connect the islands will enhance your understanding of the Netherlands.

Price per person: 16 Euros
  • Breakfast:included
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Buses
  • Hotel: Contains

Amsterdam - Colgne - Frankfurt

All day
After breakfast, depart for Cologne, Germany. On arrival, visit the famous Cologne Cathedral. Afterwards, transfer to Frankfurt.
From 7 February 2020 the following attractions will be added to Bonn: [Beethovenplatz] and [Old Town Hall], and Frankfurt will be cancelled.

Rhine River
The Rhine, the largest river in Western Europe, rises in Switzerland at the foot of the Alps and flows north-west through Liechtenstein, Austria, France, Germany and the Netherlands before emptying into the North Sea near Rotterdam. At 1,232 kilometres long, the Rhine is a famous international river in Europe and has left its mark in Liechtenstein, Austria, France and the Netherlands along the way.

Cologne Cathedral
Cologne Cathedral is the largest church in Germany and one of the tallest in the world. It is known for its lightness and elegance. It is located in the centre of Cologne, on the banks of the Rhine. From the foundation stone of the 160,000-tonne stalagmites that form the Cologne Cathedral up to its present size, the spirit of the German people has been unmatched by any other building. The city is a bustling commercial city with many skyscrapers, shops and a wide range of goods.

Frankfurt, Germany"s largest financial city, is a dynamic city of commerce and culture, close to the confluence of the Main and Rhine rivers. It is the home of the famous German poet Goethe and the place where the German emperors were elected and crowned between the 14th and 18th centuries. Skyline is known as the ,Manhattan on the Rhine,; it is also Europe"s second largest air port and the busiest meeting place in Europe. Never before has tradition and modernity, business and culture, dynamism and tranquillity been so perfectly combined in one city. The glittering skyscrapers are in stark contrast to the superbly preserved historic skyline.

  • Breakfast:included
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Buses
  • Hotel: Contains

Frankfurt - Heidelberg - Munich

All day
After breakfast proceed to Heidelberg and arrive in Munich in the evening.

On either side of the green slope willows attract students from the Pole College, who sit and lie, read, chat, sing and enjoy the atmosphere. From the old stone bridge we can see the red 13th century castle on the hillside, and in peace you might even hear its sad history song! Heidelberg is situated on the banks of the Neckar River. Here the Neckar flows from the narrow, steep Odenwald valley to the Rhine valley and meets the Rhine at Mannheim, 20 kilometres north-west of Heidelberg. The famous Heidelberg Castle is situated on a hill 200 metres above the Neckar and overlooks the narrow Old Town of Heidelberg.

Heidelberg Castle
Take the local cable car at your own expense to Heidelberg Castle, which is a 13th century castle located on top of the King"s Throne.

Built in the 13th century on top of the King"s throne, the castle is a city of many attractions and has been extended several times throughout its history to form a mixture of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance styles, a masterpiece of the German Renaissance. The main entrance to the castle is carved with armoured warriors, the central courtyard has a fountain and four granite columns, and is surrounded by buildings such as the concert hall and the glass hall. Most of the rooms in the castle are now open to visitors and some of the well-preserved halls are still used for banquets and artistic performances. From the outline of the town, the view of the sprawling vineyards is breathtaking. The 220,000-litre ,vats, and the large wine cellar in the castle are one of the reasons why Heidelberg is so attractive to visitors.

Opening times: Palace courtyard and barrels from 08:00 to 17:30, Medical Museum from April to October from 10:15 to 18:00, November to March from 10:00 to 17:30.
Tickets: Free combined ticket for the gardens (cogwheel train, castle courtyard, wine vat and medicine museum) €5, discounted ticket €3, audio tour (including Chinese) €4; guided tour (German and English only) €4, discounted ticket €3. (Prices are subject to change without notice due to seasonal changes)

Munich, the beer capital. Situated at the northern foothills of the Alps, Munich is a city of mountains and scenic beauty. For nearly 800 years it was the royal seat of the Wittelsbach family of the Byrne kingdom for almost 800 years from the 12th century. On arrival, take a walking tour of Munich to see the Gothic town hall building and the many church towers and other ancient buildings that make up the city.

  • Breakfast:included
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Buses
  • Hotel: Contains

Munich - Schloss Neuschwanstein - Liechtenstein - Zurich

All day
Our first stop will be the fantastic Neuschwanstein Castle. Afterwards we will stop in the small stamp country of Liechtenstein: a lovely European country which is smaller than 1% of Shanghai. Arrive in Zurich in the evening.
Zurich attractions to be cancelled from 7 February 2020: [Bahnhofstrasse] [Lake Zurich

Neuschwanstein Castle
Built in 1869 on a hilltop in the suburbs of Fuessen, a small town on the southern border of Bavaria, the castle was designed according to the dreams of Bavarian King Ludwig II and took 17 years to build. The castle has a medieval atmosphere and presents an ever-changing face when viewed from different angles. The unique appearance of Neuschwanstein Castle has inspired many modern fairy tale castles, including Sleeping Beauty"s Castle at Disneyland in California and Hong Kong Disneyland in the USA. Cinderella"s Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Tokyo Disneyland and Walt Disney World in Florida, USA, was inspired by castles in Germany.

Exterior tours are available, with self-purchase tickets for entry if you have plenty of time.

The history of this small European country, named after the first castle owned by the Liechtenstein family, Liechtenstein Castle, now in a semi-derelict state outside Vienna and guarded by a single employee all year round, is as simple as a nursery rhyme compared to the vast and complex history of other European countries.

The Liechtenstein family owned the castle from 1140 until the 13th century, and then again from 1807 onwards. Although other lands were also acquired by the House of Liechtenstein during the Roman era, they were mostly granted by the Habsburg dynasty until 23 January 1719, when Emperor Charles VI announced the merger of Schnellerberg and Vaduz and elevated the status of the House of Liechtenstein to that of a small independent princely state (Fürstentum) with the name of ,Liechtenstein,, Liechtenstein has only since become a truly sovereign member of the Roman Empire.

Vaduz is situated on the east bank of the Rhine River in a basin surrounded by mountains. It is the capital of Liechtenstein, the political, economic and cultural centre of the country, as well as the country"s largest city and tourist reception centre. The city"s population is just over 5,000. Vaduz was originally an ancient village founded in 1322, destroyed in the Battle of the Swiss Roman Empire in 1499, rebuilt at the beginning of the 16th century and became the capital in 1866. Built in the 9th century in the Gothic style, the castle is the residence of the Grand Duke, Head of State, and is also home to a world-famous private collection of artefacts and works of art collected by successive Grand Dukes.

Zurich is Switzerland"s largest city, a centre of business, finance and culture, and has been consistently ranked as one of the world"s most liveable cities. It is also one of the most fashionable and innovative cities in the world. In addition to being trendy, Zurich is a metropolis with the distinctive charm of a small city.

The Bahnhofstrasse is Zurich"s busiest street, with its many shops and brand names, and is a great place to shop and see. Rumour has it that some people fly halfway around the world to spend an afternoon shopping on Zurich"s famous Bahnhofstrasse. This 1.4 kilometre-long avenue encompasses the two dazzling consumer paradises of Grobs and Yermoly, lined with shops displaying lavish goods, antiques and treasures, expensive furs, watches, jewellery and intoxicating French perfumes - a mecca for those in search of the world"s top brands.

Lake Zurich
Lake Zurich is a famous glacially eroded lake in Switzerland. It lies in the north-eastern part of the Swiss plateau and extends southeast from the city of Zurich. The lake is 406 metres above sea level. It is crescent shaped and extends 29 kilometres from south-east to north-west, is 1-4 kilometres wide and covers an area of 88 square kilometres. It is deeper in the north-west, with a maximum depth of 143 m. It is shallower in the south-east. It is shallow in the south-east. The gently sloping shoreline, dotted with vineyards and orchards, overlooks the Alps to the south.

Lake Zurich is extremely scenic, with medieval cobbled paths along the river for strolling, swimming, picnicking, sunbathing and boat trips. The lake is full of water birds, swans, ducks and so on.

  • Breakfast:included
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Buses
  • Hotel: Contains

Zurich - Jungfrau - Interlaken - Geneva

All day
Today will be the climax of our trip. The enchanting Jungfrau, the beautiful Lake Interlaken and Geneva, with its watches and the nobility of its lakes.
From 7 February 2020 the following attractions will be added in Zurich: [Bahnhofstrasse] [Lake Zurich

Cancellation of Geneva attractions: [Lake Geneva] [Grand Fountain] [Palais des Nations] [Flower Clock]

Then it"s off to Interlaken, a city between Lakes Thun and Brienz with a view of the majestic peaks of the Alps. With its graceful snow-capped mountains, quiet towns and unforgettable scenery, it is definitely worth stopping for.

The Jungfrau
The highest peak in Europe and the most stunning view of the Bernese Oberland, it is known as the ,Queen of the Alps,. At an altitude of 4,158 metres, the Jungfrau spans 18 kilometres and resembles a maiden with long hair, draped in silver, lying serenely among the clouds.

If there is one city on earth that truly controls the world, it is Geneva. It is home to the headquarters of international organisations such as the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, the International Red Cross, the International Labour Organisation and many others. 

The stone-paved streets of Geneva"s Old Town stretch out in narrow curves along their edges, as if a silently outstretched arm were trying to take you back to a fairytale of the last century. In the shade of the trees, European-style buildings flicker into and out of sight. Parks are everywhere to be found, where old trees stand tall in the sky, quiet and beautiful. Whether you are in an old city or a new one, you are presented with a beautiful city of blooming flowers and beautiful landscapes. The Great Fountain on Lake Geneva is famous for its fountains.

Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva, also known as Lake Leman, is located on the outskirts of Geneva, bordering eastern France, and is 72 kilometres long and 8 kilometres wide, covering an area of 580 square kilometres, 362 square kilometres in Switzerland and 218 square kilometres in France. The lake"s deepest point is 330 metres and its banks enjoy a mild climate throughout the year. The water of Lake Geneva is joined by snow-capped mountains and blue skies, while thousands of ducks soar over the surface and snow-white swans swim in the water. International organisations such as the headquarters of the International Red Cross and the European headquarters of the United Nations are located on the shores of Lake Geneva, and next to these institutions is a 20-metre-high sculpture of a four-legged wooden chair with one leg broken, which reminds us that a human being suffers every 20 minutes in the world.

The Great Fountain
The 500-litre water jet is the world"s largest man-made fountain, propelled by 130 horsepower of electricity. The water jets reach heights of up to 140 metres in the absence of wind and hold up to 7 tonnes of water in the air. The water is ejected from the nozzles, reaches its peak and then returns to the surface, each turn lasting 16 seconds. It has been praised and eulogised by many famous writers and poets since ancient times. Henry James called it a ,surprisingly blue lake,; Byron likened it to a crystal mirror with ,nourishment and air for contemplation,; and Balzac described it as ,synonymous with love,. The spectacle can be seen from all over Geneva, and today the Grand Fountain is open to the public from the beginning of March to the first Sunday in October, with the exception of rainy days, when it puts on a ,water show, every day.

Palais des Nations
Once the seat of the League of Nations, today it is the headquarters of the United Nations Office in Geneva. It is a symbol of Geneva as an international city and a microcosm of modern world history. The Palais des Nations is situated in the Ariane Park, with a view of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, Europe"s highest mountain, from high up in the park. The Palais des Nations consists of four magnificent buildings: the Congress Hall in the centre, the Library on the north side, the New Building and the Council Chamber on the south side. It is a centre for important international conferences and is frequented by visitors all year round.

Flower clock
The Great Flower Clock is an important Geneva landmark: located on the shores of Lake Leman, it changes colour with the seasons, but always remains bright and fragrant. Switzerland is also known as ,the land of gardens, and ,the land of watches,, but what is even more fascinating is that Swiss craftsmen and women have combined the beauty of flowers with the art of watchmaking to create the ,Big Flower Clock,. The "Flower Clock". The Swiss people are so proud of the design of the "Flower Clock" that the map of the city of Geneva uses it as a symbol of the city.

  • Breakfast:included
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Buses
  • Hotel: Contains

Geneva - Dijon - Paris

All day
After breakfast, depart for an excursion to the following attractions.
From 7 February 2020, Dijon will be cancelled: [Place de la Liberté] [Notre-Dame de Dijon].

Add Geneva attractions: [Lake Geneva] [Grand Fountain] [Flower Clock] [Palais des Nations]

Liberty Square
The semi-garden-shaped square designed by Chaumansal in 1685 to welcome King Louis XIV on horseback in the splendour of the magnificent palace is one of the most spectacular royal squares in France. The sculpture was melted down and turned into a cannon during the Revolution of 1792.

Notre Dame de Dijon
Notre Dame de Dijon is located in the centre of Dijon. It is an outstanding example of 13th century Burgundian architecture, inherited from the Roman art period.
When it was first built, Notre Dame was located in the main business district of Dijon. The smallest Gothic church in all of Burgundy, Notre Dame is extremely small due to space constraints. Even so, Notre Dame still has a solemn religious atmosphere. The façade of the church is strikingly decorated with grotesque spouts and rows of columns. The nave is almost 18 metres high, making the space seem tall and spacious without being at all cramped. The famous "Black Virgin" statue in the church commemorates Dijon"s breakthrough of the Swiss siege in 1513.

  • Breakfast:included
  • Lunch:self-catered
  • Dinner:self-catered
  • Transportation:Buses
  • Hotel: Contains

Paris city sightseeing day

Depart for an excursion to visit the following sites.

Notre Dame de Paris
Notre Dame de Paris is the oldest and most magnificent Catholic church in Paris, located on the Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris. If you have read Hugo"s novel Notre Dame de Paris, you will be familiar with the features of Notre Dame, where the story of Quasimodo in the play takes place. Notre Dame has traditionally been the center of the Diocese of Paris, as well as the Episcopal Church. Historically, emperors such as Henry VI, Napoleon and Charles X were all crowned here.

Eiffel Tower.
Few modern buildings in Paris are more famous than the Eiffel Tower on the Place de la Guerre, and if Notre Dame is the symbol of ancient Paris, then the Eiffel Tower is the symbol of modern Paris. From the top of the tower, you can see the city of Paris from the top of the tower. The 1,711 steps from the base to the top of the tower are spectacular, taking 7,000 tons of steel, 12,000 metal parts and 2,590,000 rivets.

The Arc de Triomphe
The Arc de Triomphe at the Place de Gaulle in Paris is the largest of the more than 100 Arc de Triomphe in Europe, and it is one of the four representative buildings of Paris, which is a well-known European building. Built entirely of stone, this Arc de Triomphe is about 50 meters high and nearly 45 meters wide. With the Arc de Triomphe as its center, 12 main streets radiate outwards, among which the famous Avenue des Champs Elysées is the starting point here.

The Champs-Elysées
The Champs-Élysées has long been synonymous with fashion, fashion and cinema, and is a popular strolling spot for tourists visiting the fashion capital. From the Place de la Concorde in Paris in the east to the Place de la Star in the west, the avenue is lined with major French and international companies, banks, airlines, cinemas, luxury shops and exclusive restaurants.

Place de la Concorde
The Champs-Élysées connects the two famous squares of Paris, the Place de la Star and the Place de la Concorde, which is known as one of the most beautiful squares in the world. An Egyptian obelisk, brought from Egypt and more than 3,400 years old, stands in the centre of the square. Two magnificent fountains, added to the square in the mid-19th century, have always been a popular stopover.

The Courtyard of Honour
As soon as you see the gleaming dome of the building, it"s the Yard of Honour. It was built in 1670 by Louis XIV, the ,Sun King,, to house the disabled and retired soldiers, and the mausoleum of the French monarch Napoleon Bonaparte is also housed here.

Alexander III Bridge (by car)
The bridge was built before the 1900 Paris Exposition, named after Russian Tsar Alexander III, to celebrate the Franco-Russian alliance of 1892, and is 107 metres long. It connects the Champs-Elysées avenue and the place of the Cour d"Honneur on both sides of the bridge, with a pair of columns at each end, on which the bronze statues of knights are vividly shaped, and beautiful sculptures of women symbolize the nymphs in the water of the Seine and the Russian Neva River, while the body of the bridge is decorated with aquatic plants and animals and garlands, and the angel of love street lamps are lovely and interesting.

The Louvre
When people think of the Louvre, they easily think of world-famous works of art such as the ,Mona Lisa Smile, and the ,Venus with Broken Arms,, but they may not know that this prestigious super-museum is itself an ancient and beautiful masterpiece of art. Along with the British Museum in London and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Louvre is one of the three largest museums in the world. It has housed 50 French kings and queens, and many famous artists have lived here. Until now the Louvre palace has a total collection of more than 400,000 pieces of art treasures from all over the world, can be called the world art exhibition.

Galeries Lafayette (Osman Flagship Store)
As one of the most prestigious department stores in the world, Galeries Lafayette, established at the end of the 19th century, has become the epitome of French fashion and culture, not just the perfect place to buy top fashion items.
At the end of the day, you can choose additional optional activities: Seine River Cruise (evening, ticket included, reservation fee); French meal (seafood plate, French escargot, foie gras, main course, red wine, dessert); Moulin Rouge nightclub (ticket reservation fee, waiter"s tip, champagne, shuttle bus).
Special Note: If the exhibition hall is closed on holiday, the guide will arrange alternative attractions.

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Paris → London

All day
After breakfast depart for Port Calais. Depart the beautiful European continent, the bus will drive to London and back to London at around 6-7 pm, a successful end of the journey.

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Impressions of Europe: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland 6-nation 10 days tour [Departures from anywhere from the UK].

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Impressions of Europe: France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland 6-nation 10 days tour [Departures from anywhere from the UK].

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