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英国旅游合同条款(Terms and Conditions)

Please read through contract before   you send out your booking form. Sending booking form indicates that you have   accepted our contract.

a) Insurance   Information

b) Booking   Conditions

c) Tour   Information

Insurance   Information

This policy is for residents of the   UK only (the validity of   UK visa is longer than 6   months, not including 6 months) and travel from the UK only.

Travel insurance is an essential   issue. You have to have the right cover for you trip. It is compulsory for all   clients traveling on these tours to have holiday insurance against loss of money   and luggage, medical expenses, cancellation charges in the event of illness   prior to departure, etc. Passengers are strongly recommended to take advantage   of our special Travel Master Insurance cover which is arranged by Matthew Gerard   Travel Insurance Services Ltd, a member of the Association of Travel Insurance   Intermediaries Ltd. However, if you are not taking this insurance you must   provide us with your independent insurance details.

Premiums (per person)

UK &   Ireland (18yrs  - 65yrs)

Europe (18yrs to 68yrs)

up to 5   days



up to 10   days



up to 17   days



Summary of   Cover

Up to Per Person

Cancellation &   Curtailment

(to increase to 5,000 additional   premium required)


Medical & Repatriation   Expenses


Additional Hospital   Benefit


Personal   Accident


Personal Effects

-Valuables Limit 250

-Single Article Limit 250

-Money (Cash Limit   250)

-Loss of   Passport


Luggage Delay of Personal   Effects


Personal   Liability


Missed   Departure


Delayed Departure Benefit
 (After   first 12 hours 
20 and 10 per full 12 hours   thereafter)


Legal   Expenses


*The above are maximum benefits.   Full terms and conditions are as per the insurance certificate, a copy of which   is available on request. For all holidays including by Car/Coach/Sea or Air   Travel.

Rating Notes:

AdultsAge at 18 years old and   above.

ChildrenAge 2-17 years old in full   time education, traveling with adults.

InfantsAge   under 2 years old traveling with adults is free of charge.

Senior69-74 Yrs 2 times adult   rate75-84 Yrs 3 times adult   rate

IPT: All premiums include 17.50% Insurance Premium   Tax.

Policy Insurance Certificate with   and full policy details will be forwarded to you with invoice and   confirmation.


Under the Association of British   Insurers General Business Code of Practice, we must draw your attention to   important features of your policy including:

Police Document: You   should read the document carefully. It gives you full details of what is and is   not covered and the conditions of cover.

Conditions, Exclusions   and Warranties: Conditions and exclusions apply to individual sections of your   policy while general exclusions, conditions and warranties will apply to the   whole of your policy.

Health: Your policy   contains restrictions regarding pre-existing medical problems concerning the   health of the people traveling and or other people upon whose health the trip   may depend.

Property Claims: These   claims are paid based on the value of the goods at the time you lose them and   not on a ‘new for old' or replacement cost basis.

Policy Limits: Most   sections of your policy have limits on the amount the insurer will pay under   that section. Some sections also include other specific limits, for example, for   any one item or for valuables in total.

Policy Excesses: Under   some sections of the policy, claims will be subject to excess. This means that   you will be responsible for paying the first part of the claim. The amount you   have to pay is the excess.

Reasonable Care: you   need to take all reasonable care to protect yourself and your property, as you   would if you were not insured.

Complaints: Your   insurance policy includes complaints procedure, which tells you what steps you,   can take if you wish to make a complaint.

Money Back: Your policy may contain a cooling off period of 10 days during which you can cancel the policy in writing and get a refund with a admin fee of 5 deducted, if you have a justifiable reason for being dissatisfied with the cover it provides.

Booking   Conditions(Your contract with Omega Travel Limited)

Please read carefully as it sets out   the booking conditions for your holiday. The Omega Booking Conditions spell out   our obligations to you and your commitments to us when you book a holiday with   us and together with the general information forms the basis of our contract   with you.

Our Commitment to   You:


Once you have booked and paid your   payment as applicable, we will reserve your holiday on the basis of these terms   and conditions. Your booking will be taken as confirmed in respect of all   persons traveling and a binding contract between us will come into existence   when we send our Confirmation & Account to you. ‘you' and ‘yours' means all persons (or any of them) named on   the booking (including anyone who is added or substituted at a later   stage).


All participants on our tours must   have adequate travel insurance. If you take the cover featured in clause (3),   the premium should be sent with your full payment and it is non-refundable. If   you choose to take out alternative insurance, you will be required to sign the   indemnity section of the booking form.


In this brochure prices are correct   at the time of publication (Dec 2003). We reserve the right to change prices   from time to time. We reserve the right to correct errors at any time prior to   the price being confirmed at the time of booking. Prices are based on the rates   of exchange and subject to variation if there is an increase due to government   action, a change in exchange rate, or increase in transportation costs or fuel   prices. Any increase will be notified to you at least 4 weeks before departure.   Only amounts in excess on 2% will be surcharged. If the surcharge exceeds 10%,   you will be entitled to cancel your holiday with a full refund except insurance   premium.


If we have to make a major change to   your holiday arrangement because we are forced to do so by circumstances usually   beyond our control, we will inform you immediately and our objective will be to   minimize your inconvenience. We will try to offer you alternative arrangements   as close as possible to your original reservation. In the unlikely event that   they are of inferior value we will refund the difference in holiday price and   also provide you with compensation detailed below. You will then have a choice   of (1.) Accepting the change of arrangement; (2.) Taking another available tour   we offer at a similar price; (3.) Canceling your holiday with   a full refund (without compensation).

Notice before   departure

Compensation per   person

More than 30   days


29 - 20   days


19 - 15   days


14 - 8   days


7 - 0   days


Clearly such compensation does not   apply to changes caused by reason of civil strife, riots, war, threat of war,   natural disaster, industrial action, technical problems   affecting transport, terrorist activity, and closure of airports or similar   events beyond our control.


The lowest tour prices printed are   based on an economic number of people travelling   together. Should this required minimum number of participants not be reached, we   reserve the right to re-cost the price or to cancel any tour up to 7  days before departure, in which case we would make a prompt refund of all monies   paid.

If we cancel your tour at any time   as a result of circumstances beyond our control, as defined under Amendments, we   will inform you without delay and will offer you the choice of an alternative   holiday, if available, or a full refund of all monies paid. Should we cancel   your tour within 7 days of departure for reasons other than those beyond our   control, you will be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid plus   compensation payable in accordance with the scale set out under Amendments.   However, no compensation will be offered if you default in payment of the   balance by the specified date.


We wish we could guarantee to you   that there is never be any delay or breakdown, but unfortunately delays or   breakdown still occur. If and when this happens we will be on hand to look after   you. If any delay or breakdown happened we would try to provide refresh meal   when it is possible. Alternatively, we will give you10 per person compensation   for the first 5 hours delay or breakdown and a further 10 for each subsequent 5   hours delay up to a maximum of 30 per person unless you have a travel insurance   policy (other than the one we offer) which provides such delay protection   cover-in this case you must claim on your own insurance.


If you have a problem during your   holiday, it is a legal requirement that you inform the relevant supplier and   where available our local agent or guide who will put things right. If you are   not satisfied locally you must obtain written confirmation of the complaint   raised and write to us within 28 days after your return, then we will deal with   it promptly and fairly within the terms of conditions.


All information contained in this   brochure is based on information available at the time of publication. We   reserve the right to change any brochure information before your booking is   confirmed and the amended information will then form part of your contract with   us. You must ensure you check all details of your chosen holiday (including the   price) with us at the time of booking.

Your Commitment to   Us:


You must pay full cost of your   holiday at the time of booking plus appropriate insurance premium if applicable.   For insurance requirements see clause (12). Your payment and the issuing to you   of a confirmation create a contract between us. Our booking conditions form the   basis of your contract with us. You should read and ensure you understand these   (raising any queries you may have with us) before asking us to confirm your   booking.

10. AMENDMENTS – By   you

Should you wish to change your   holiday arrangements in any way we will do our best to meet your wishes. If you wish to make any alteration to your holiday   after confirmation, you must inform us in writing 30 days before departure and   we will do our best to implement your request subject to availability. You will   be liable to pay an administration charge of 25 per person per alteration.   However if the alteration is requested within 30 days before departure, it will   be treated as a cancellation and you will be liable for the cancellation charges   set out in clause (7).

11. CANCELLATION – By   you

You, or any member of your party,   may cancel your holiday at any time providing that the cancellation is made by   the person signing the Booking Form and is communicated to us in writing. As   this incurs administrative costs, we will apply cancellation charges (percentage   of tour price) as shown:

Period before   departure

Cancellation   Charge

More than 8 days


7 - 4 days


3 days or   less


However, if you cancel you holiday   31 days before departure due to Visa problem, you need provide your visa refuse   letter to us, 25 will be retained as administrative fee and the rest of your   payment will be refunded to you.

Note: Our travel insurance includes   cover, under certain circumstances, against loss of cancellation fees and the   premiums are not refundable.


Adequate personal travel insurance   is essential for your own protection. You must therefore take out for your whole   party, either the holiday insurance we offer (details on Holiday Insurance   section) or another policy giving at least as good cover before we will accept   your booking. If you do not purchase our insurance at the time of booking, you   need send us an letter to provide us with your   alternative insurer. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance   cover you purchase is adequate for the particular needs of you and your party.   If you do not take out our insurance or provide us with details of your   alternative policy within 14days of booking (or no less than 3 day before   departure if booking within 14 days of departure), you will not have met with   the terms and conditions of booking and we reserve the right to cancel your   booking with cancellation charges as shown in paragraph clause (11) of those   Booking Conditions.


a) You must ensure that you and the   rest of your party have valid acceptable passports and any appropriate visas   (see the Passport & Visa section)

b) You must be responsible for the   behaviour of yourself and your party. We can refuse to   accept you as a customer or refuse to continue dealing with you by terminating   your holiday arrangements if your behaviour is or is   likely to be, in our reasonable opinion or other person in authority,   disruptive, dangerous or upsetting to other people or if you have caused or are   likely to cause damage to property. We will not pay any refund or any costs   incurred by you if we have to terminate your holiday due to your unacceptable   behaviour. We will then have no further responsibility   for you (including any return travel arrangements).


We do our best to give you an   enjoyable, trouble-free tour, but occasionally even the best laid plans can go   wrong. If you have a problem or complaint you must tell us so that it can be   sorted out on the spot. If your complaint cannot be resolved there and then, you   must write to us with full details within 28 days of your return from your tour.   As it is difficult and sometimes impossible to properly investigate a complaint   if we are not told about it reasonably quickly, any compensation could be reduced or even lost altogether if you do not follow the   complaints procedure set out in this clause.

Tour   Information

All about your booking   process:

Our correct booking procedure = Filling   booking form and sign your contract > Make payment > Documentation   Preparation > Receipt of Documentation from Omega Travel > Apply for Visa   > Final Confirmation > Departure.

All about your Accommodation and   meal:

1. Basically hotels on your tour are   3 star hotels based on 2 adults sharing a standard room with facilities.Supplements may apply for any additional facilities. Three bedded rooms in other   locations are usually twins with extra bed and space may, therefore, be reduced.   The extra bed is usually a camp or folding bed.

Single supplement will be applied if   those of you who are single travelers or want to stay in a single room. These   single rooms are often smaller and sometimes less well appointed. We do not know   which room you will be given as your hotel will usually decide this shortly   before you arrive.

2. Meals included in your tour are   breakfast and maybe partially dinner. Breakfast may be Continental style or   Buffet style. Continental Breakfast which is only included bread, milk, juice   cereal, cheese and butter. Dinner (if any) could be Western food or Chinese   food.

All about your touring   holiday:

1. Hotels on your   tour

It may be occasionally necessary to   use alternative hotels to those shown on our hotel list. Such alternative hotels   will be of an equivalent standard to those indicated and final details will be   provided with your tickets. Hotels may sometimes be located outside the city   centres in outlying areas but will still have access to the city for   sightseeing.

2. Please bear in mind that our tour   itineraries too may have to be changed for operational reasons, sometimes at   short notice, or because of weather, road or traffic conditions, mechanical   breakdowns, police activity etc.

3. Ferry   Crossing

The tour is based on the short   Channel ferry-crossing route, Dover-Calais. Details of your ferry crossing will   be included in your travel documentation. However, we reserve the right to   direct tours to alternative ports if necessary.

4. Escorted tours are accompanied by   tour leader or local guides on the touring part of the itinerary, but not on   days when there are no sightseeing tours included.

All about your   cost:

1. Your holiday cost will be   included tour fee, travel insurance, visa application fee (if any) and   tip.

2. Child price (6 -12 years of age   on day of departure) are available on certain tours. –   see individual brochure pages for details. In our experience, younger children   do not enjoy touring holidays and we, therefore, do not accept bookings for   children under 6 years of age on coach tours. Please   note that we cannot accept bookings from unaccompanied children under 16 years of age.

All about your passport &   visa:

1. Your passport must valid for at   least three months remaining.

2. If you want us to apply for the   visa for you, you should 1) have a British Visa for over 6 months (not including   6 month) and still has at least one month remaining on the day of return from   holiday; or 2) your British Visa valid for less than 6 month (including 6   months), your visa should be multiple entry, here comes two scenarios. If you   are in UK you should apply visa in person   with a confirmed return ticket. It takes about two months to complete the whole   process. The better way is that you apply your Schegen   visa when you are still in China.

3. If your British visa valid more   than 6 months, then you do not need visa to Switzerland, otherwise you need apply Swiss Visa   only when you are in China.

4. Document for visa:

The completed application form (two   copies)

Two passport size photos

Passport with signature

Latest letter (one month old) from the employer or   university

Latest bank statement showing a   minimum of one thousand pounds balance

5. For   those who with a dependant visa, you need provide an English notarisation of your marriage certification for your sponsor   and birth certificate for your child.

6.Visa fee is non-refundable if   visa application fails, although every effort will be made to ensure the success   of visa application, yet in case of any possible visa failure Omega Travel shall   not be held responsible in any way what so ever.

As travel regulations are constantly   changing, we as a Tour Operator are unable to provide up-to-date information   concerning such requirements, it is , therefore, our   customers' own responsibility to ensure that you comply with all necessary Visa,   Passport or other travel regulations. We can not accept any liability should   your passport or visa requirements not be in   order.


Tours in this brochure are operated   by Omega Travel Limited. A member of the Association of   British Travel Agents (ABTA No. J3326). And bonded with   major banks to protect customer holiday repatriation.

Booking Form

Please make sure you read through   contract before you send out your booking form. Sending booking form indicates   that you have accepted our contract.